In 2020, Shanshan acquired the polarizer business of LG Chem and established Shanjin Optoelectronics, localizing the production of high-end polarizers. After the acquisition, 4 global production bases and more than 1,700 patents have been delivered, which marks leapfrog development in local polarizer production enabled by innovation, technological capabilities and solutions. Over 20 years of R&D investment elevates Shanjin Optoelectronics to lead the market by technological edges in ultra-thin, high-contrast and wide-viewing polarizers, ranking first globally in large-size polarizers. Shanjin has the largest polarizer production network across Nanjing, Guangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Taiwan, Ochang and etc. The current annual production capacity is 130 million square meters, which will grow to 250 million square meters in the future. Since February 1 of 2021, Shanjin Optoelectronics has established long-term and stable supply relationships with major customers including BOE, TCL CSOT, LG Display, and Samsung Display. Shanjin has the highest market share in the world. Shanjin Optoelectronics embarks on a journey of high-quality and innovative development towards becoming the world's No. 1 optoelectronic material enterprise.

  • In 2021, Shanshan successfully acquired the polarizer business of LG Chem to enter this "golden track", which initiated a new “dual-business and dual-drive” framework for further development. Polarizer is a core material of liquid crystal display panel.


    It is the background color of Shanjin value

    Project technology patents


    Given its ultra-thin and ultra-light nature, the production of polarizer is technically challenging and has been monopolized by oversea companies. Through the acquisition, Shanjin Optoelectronics was able to make leapfrog development in the localization of high-end polarizer production, enabled by over 1,700 patents.


    It is the foundation of Shanjin's value

    Daily output

    10000 square meters
    Annual capacity

    100 million square meters

    As the world's largest polarizer company, Shanjin Optoelectronics has cutting-edge advantages in the R&D and manufacturing of large-size polarizers, accounting for over 1/3 of the global production capacity (4 2.3-meter production lines; 1 2.6-meter production line, the widest in the world; daily output of 300,000 square meters; annual capacity of 130 million square meters - expected to reach 250 million square meters in the future) The annual sales is over RMB 10 billion, with a market share of 27%. Shanjin has witnessed soaring operating revenue and net profit in recent years.


    It is the "moat" of Shanjin value

    Shanjin Optoelectronics focuses on R&D and production of optical thin films, establishing long-term and stable partnerships with upstream and downstream players including BOE, CSOT, LG, Fuji, and Kuraray.


    It is the "accelerator" of Shanjin value


    In 2025, the global share of LCD panel capacity

    The concentration of the global display industry is increasingly tilted towards China. By 2025, 71.6% of LCD panels will be made in China, and the annual demand growth of polarizers will reach 8%. There is a clear trend of production localization.

    We are already in the era of Internet of everything and every screen. In the next three years, Shanjin plans to build four wide and ultra-wide production lines in Suzhou and Guangzhou as part of a total of ten world-leading polarizer lines, lifting Chinese display industry to the next level.

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