Mobile phones and computers: Shanshan continues to run mobile computers

With the development of global informatization and the growth of mobile office demand, people's dependence on portable electronic products has further increased. The breakthrough of hardware and the explosion of functions also make mobile phones and computers have higher and higher requirements for battery life.

Therefore, high energy density and fast charging will make steady progress in the plan. Generally, the service life of lithium-ion batteries is more than 500-2000 times. Even if they are used with high power and high frequency, their cycle life is much higher than that of nickel cadmium and nickel hydrogen batteries. Since lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, they can be replenished at any time, and the battery efficiency can be brought into full play.

The final products of Shanshan lithium battery materials industry are widely used in the field of digital electronic products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearable smart devices, mobile power supplies, etc. in terms of cathode materials, smartphones and tablets will still be dominated by lithium cobalt oxide. In 2018, Shanshan company will continue to maintain its global leadership in lithium cobalt oxide and continue to expand its market share in the field of lithium cobalt oxide.

UAV: provide material support for UAV battery innovation

With the rapid development of economic construction, great changes have taken place in the landforms of various regions. The existing aerial remote sensing technology can no longer meet the needs of economic development. The technology of using pilotless aircraft as the aerial remote sensing platform is a new applied technology developed to meet this need, which can better meet the needs of China's aerial remote sensing business at this stage and update the old geographical data.

Now the full name of lithium battery used in aerial photography is "lithium polymer battery". Lithium polymer battery is a new type of battery, which has many obvious advantages, such as high energy density, miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight, high safety and low cost.

Shanshan has always attached great importance to product research and development, and has invested a lot of money in new product development and technological process optimization every year. In 2017, Shanshan's research and development of new products of cathode material lithium cobalt oxide included 4.4V high magnification lithium cobalt oxide, which is mainly used in unmanned aerial vehicles and aircraft models. At the same time, the 4.45v high-voltage lithium cobalt oxide cathode material has been mass produced, and a variety of high-energy density, high-power artificial graphite and silicon-based anode materials have been mass produced and gradually introduced to the market.

Shanshan new energy vehicle: do the most valuable thing

China's new energy vehicle industry began at the beginning of the 21st century. In 2001, the new energy vehicle research project was included in the "863" major scientific and technological project during the national "Tenth Five Year Plan". Since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China has put forward the strategy of "energy saving and new energy vehicles", and the government attaches great importance to the research, development and industrialization of new energy vehicles.

From the perspective of the development of global new energy vehicles, their power sources mainly include lithium-ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, fuel cells, lead-acid batteries, supercapacitors, etc. Compared with other new energy sources, lithium-ion batteries have relatively high working voltage and large specific energy. The battery itself has small volume, light weight, long cycle life, low self discharge rate, no memory effect and no pollution.

Shanshan company has been rooted in the lithium battery material industry for nearly two decades, and its leading position in the industry is stable. Its comprehensive production capacity and production and sales scale are in the leading position in the world. At the end of 2017, the company had a positive material production capacity of 43000 tons, a finished negative material production capacity of 60000 tons, and an electrolyte production capacity of 30000 tons. Focusing on the R & D concept of "developing one generation, applying one generation, and reserving one generation", the company continues to deliver new products to the lithium battery material industry, and continues to maintain the technological leading edge of Shanshan in the lithium battery material industry.