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A global leader in new energy

Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd. (“Shanshan”, stock code: 600884) was established in 1992. Shanshan became the first listed apparel company in China in 1997. Shanshan launched a strategic transformation towards the new energy industry in 1999. Started with anode materials, and later expanded into cathode materials and electrolytes, Shanshan has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in R&D and scale production of lithium battery materials. Shanshan is a forerunner and leader in lithium battery materials. In February 2021, Shanshan acquired LG Chem's polarizer business to tap into the market of LCD polarizer. With innovation, technological capabilities and key solutions, Shanshan is able to localize the production of high-end polarizers, becoming the world's largest polarizer manufacturer with leading technologies.

  • Total assets

    40.3 billion
  • Business income

    20.699 billion
  • Net assets

    18.928 billion
  • Net profit

    3.34 billion
  • Lithium revenue

    9.125 billion
  • Photoelectricity revenue

    9.943 billion

Data as of 2021 Annual Report

    • December 14, 1992

      Shanshan Co., Ltd. was established

    • January 30, 1996

      Shanshan Co., Ltd. was listed on the A-share market, becoming the first listed apparel company in China

    • 1998

      As a 7-year market champion, Shanshan had a market share of 37.4%, widely recognized as the No.1 apparel brand in China

    • 1999-2005

      Shanshan tapped into the new energy industry as it launched a strategic transformation

    • 1999

      Shanghai Shanshan Technology (Anode) was established

    • 2003

      Shanshan Energy (Cathode) was established

    • 2005

      Dongguan Shanshan (Electrolyte) was established

    • 2005-2014

      Shanshan laid a solid foundation to excel. Shanshan spent 10 years to invest in R&D and M&A to build its competitive edges along the value chain of the new energy industry.

    • 2008

      Shanshan stepped up team management to quickly grow its business portfolio, becoming the world's largest integrated supplier of lithium battery material

    • Since 2015

      Shanshan embarked on a new journey to be a global leader in new energy

    • 2016

      Shanshan Energy was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ)
      Pack factory of EVPS Co., Ltd was put into operation
      Shanshan Energy was certified by the National Enterprise Technology Center

    • 2017

      The 100,000-ton anode material integration project in Baotao was kicked off
      The 20,000-ton electrolyte project in Quzhou was completed and put into operation

    • 2018

      Construction of the 100,000-ton cathode material project in Changsha was started.

      Construction of the 100,000-ton anode material integration project in Baotao was started 
      The 2,000-ton lithium hexafluorophosphate project in Quzhou was completed and put into operation

    • 2019

      Two 100,000-ton cathode and anode lithium battery material projects were put into production, building technological edges at scale.

      Shanshan became the world's largest integrated material supplier of lithium battery cathode, anode and electrolyte.

    • 2020

      Shanshan acquired the polarizer business of LG Chem and established Shanjin Optoelectronics.

      As it localized the production of high-end polarizers, Shanshan successfully entered this "golden track", which initiated a new “dual-business and dual-drive” framework for further development.

History & Development

Founded in 1992, Shanshan was the No.1 Chinese brand of suits. In 1996, Shanshan was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as the first listed apparel company in China (stock code: 600884). Driven by a forward-looking view, Shanshan initiated the business of anode materials in 1999, and later expanded into cathode materials and electrolytes. After 2007, Shanshan made further investment in venture capital, financing and leasing to better integrate industry and financial resources. Since 2015, Shanshan has extended its business portfolio to battery system integration, energy management service, charging pile and NEV operation.

Core Industry Distribution

Shanshan Co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises to enter the lithium-ion battery material market in China. After years of development, the company's products have included lithium-ion battery cathode materials, cathode materials and electrolyte, and has set up a number of production enterprises in Changsha, Ningxia, Shanghai, Ningbo, Chenzhou, Ningde, Dongguan, Quzhou and other places.

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