Integration of English culture and social responsibility

As a listed company with a sense of social responsibility, the company pays attention to strengthening the communication and feedback with stakeholders in its daily operation and management: sharing the achievements of the company's development with investors; Provide customers with high-quality brands and services; Actively participate in regional economic development and promote regional progress and development; Help employees grow and care for their health; Continue to increase investment in environmental protection and build ecological civilization; Be enthusiastic about social charity and public welfare, and convey enterprise care. By continuously promoting social responsibility, the company has achieved the harmonious unity of economic value, environmental value and social value. We attach great importance to the expectations and demands of stakeholders. By constantly improving communication channels and methods, we pay attention to substantive issues that stakeholders attach importance to, and actively respond to them, sharing development opportunities with stakeholders and jointly addressing challenges.

Integrity, responsibility, innovation and responsibility" are the core values of Shanshan Co., Ltd. We take value creation as the core, strengthen the brand, explore and innovate, and strive to become a listed company with the combination of industry and finance and leading value. For a long time, Shanshan Co., Ltd. has penetrated the concept of social responsibility into all aspects of production and operation activities, combined with corporate culture and brand construction, coordinated resources, and further promoted the concept of social responsibility, making it strategic, systematic, and endogenous, and further promoting the sustainable development of the company.

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